We grow organic fruits,
We process our fruits,
We process fruits under contracts
and offer accommodation for our guests in a natural and welcomed environment.

In a land that has to face the threat of losing its agricultural tradition, we have started a new cultivation method.

The idea is so called “agri-cultural”. It consists of two approaches in which we strongly believe:

  • to involve the buyer: we have chosen to set up a direct relationship with our customers, sharing with them our attention for the products quality, their traceability and prices. A participating client is an added friend.
  • the area promotion: we have created around us a completely natural context: starting from the environment and all local varieties to new cultivation methods and the decision to sell directly our products to the final customer: a real short-chain market.



These are the values we rely on during our work:

  • quality of food, which means goodness and naturalness
  • respect of the environment, in each of our activity
  • richness of the ecosystem, the biodiversity, to be protected and favored

To this aim, we do not practice most of the chemical or mechanized methods that are normally used in the conventional farming, typically to increase productivity and fruits perfecting.

All our products have received the organic certification by ICEA institution.

Here you may find some techniques we adopt for fruits cultivation:

  • soil processing: it is done to prevent soil degradation and erosion. Thus, we undertake soil grassing and mulching at the beginning of plants life.
  • irrigation: it is performed in a peculiar way to avoid diseases development often caused by too much watering. We use rain water collected in a dike located over the orchards.
  • fertilization: techniques - as crushing grass and branches - are used to enrich the soil of organic substances. The integrative fertilization is made responding the real needs of crops. For this reason, periodically a specialized laboratory analyzes the characteristics of the soil: according to the results, a specific yearly fertilization program is defined.
  • pests control: we exclusively mow without using any type of weeding.
  • crops protection: only products allowed by organic disciplinary are used. Pesticides are used with high level of control in order to limit the effects on the environment. Our aim is to guarantee the maximum level of healthiness and reduce the impact on subsidiary animals and insects (as predators, pollinators, ecc).



The idea to have a fruits processing laboratory was born since we had the desire to use the not so fresh fruits that cannot be sold, even though they are still good, healthy and tasteful.

We built a handcraft fruits laboratory, which let us work even with small fruits quantity.  In this way, it is possible to process fruits as soon as it is available and fresh.

We have chosen special equipment which allow us to cook fruits “under vacuum”, cooking fruits at a lower temperature in order to save taste and all organoleptic characteristics.

Furthermore, we are producing our jams without chemical elements - as thickeners or others additives – instead trying to highlight the genuine taste of fresh fruits. In particular, in place of pectin we use a special ingredient: one of our variety of apples, Renetta Grigia of Torriana, which – according to studies of University of Turin -  is richer than the other varieties of polyphenols. Those are really important since they have a strong antioxidant action and a positive impact in a healthy diet.

The apple Renetta Grigia of Torriana improves the fruits ramming quality, whereby our jams are unique and get an original and natural taste at the same time.



We respect what is surrounding us through little cares and daily actions. We have always been careful on how we are acting: here, some examples of our commitment.

  • Renewable energy. A photovoltaic system, installed on the roof, has been settled and it guarantees the totally self-sustainment in terms of electrical energy.
  • Heating system based on biomass. Thanks to the quantity of available wood, coming from woods cleaning and orchards pruning, the system is able to produce hot water and heat up the farmstead.
  • Using low environmental impact methods – as biological pest control –for fruits cultivation. The production of high quality and healthy fruits means a constant research about best techniques, to maximize pest control results. The best techniques are those acting against pests without leaving any trace on fruits or in the environment. Agricola Bargiolina has chosen the biological method as the optimal system.
  • Recovery of surrounding fields through different actions: cleaning of woods, creation of stone walls for brook protection, wood canals creation so to gather rainy water and avoid the typical erosion of hills.