Bargiolina is located on Barge’s hills, part of Monviso Bioshpere reserve territory, one of the 10 “Man and Bioshpere” Unesco Italian sites.

It’s a region that offers several opportunities for bicycles riders and enthusiasts. The considerable types of different routes, the beauty of the landscape dominated by the Alpes and gazing over the lowland, the milestones of Giro d’Italia, are part of the reasons why cyclists here are most welcome. We offer our guests shelters for their bicycles or the opportunity of renting them on-site.

 Here is a video showing the VèloViso cycling routes to discover Monviso by bike.

Below you can download three different suggested routes:
• Pianura Saluzzese
• Valle Varaita
• Valli del Po'


Our facility allows to:

  • Both EPAC (Electric Pedal Assisted Cycle) and classic mountain bikes rent
  • Owned bikes alarmed shelter
  • Light maintenance, cleaning and servicing space

Our agreements with local entrepreneurs allow to:

  • Rent additional bikes in case of request
  • Rent a professional bicycle guide for special tracks and routes
  • Be transferred with the bike to strategic and planned starting points

We would like to improve people food culture and connection by the means of an agricultural environment and experience.

At Agricola Bargiolina you are welcome to taste and buy our products: fresh and homemade transformed fruits such as juices and jams.

Moreover, you will be able to visit other local and typical farms in Cuneo region.

Agricola Bargiolina is developing since many years a networking project to offer tourists the ability to buy local excellent products and to enjoy them in a tasting experience through well-made menus prepared by resident inns and restaurants.