The farm


We are a small but consistent family company, founded on Barge’s hills between Pinerolo and Saluzzo, a land full of history and tradition.

Fraire family has always grown fruits on his lands with evolving methods. A huge step was undertaken when Elisabetta – born and raised in Turin, where she graduated in agribusiness studies – has decided to develop and dedicated herself to the farm with a new approach. Furthermore, we can rely on many different nearby farms that share with us the passion for authentic tastes, the great country traditions and an accurate attention to social sustainability.

The ancient farm, the hearth of the company, has been recently renovated with a careful regard of the origins. It is lovely surrounded by woods and orchards, in a sunny and cozy location, within an all-season wonderful environment.   

The farm is 400 mt above sea level, on the slopes of Montebracco hil from where the lowland below it makes a great landscape all the year. 

Come and visit us to discover our world!